December 8, 2009

Enrique AllenHi my name is Enrique Allen. I’m a graduate student researcher in the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and focusing on mobile and video applications. I recently designed new Stanford iPhone Mapping and Persuasive Online Video classes as well as the founding fbFund REV incubator with Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel. My goal is organize credible resources for you here while changing behavior in good ways. I humbly thank all of the following contributors to our ongoing experiments.

Stanford Persuasive Online Video Workshop 2009 Speakers:

BJ Fogg

BJ Fogg splits his time between Stanford University and industry innovation, working mostly in Silicon Valley.

He directs the Persuasive Technology Lab, focusing on mobile persuasion, the psychology of Facebook, persuading with online video, and peace innovation. See his Stanford page for more info.

Dan Greenberg

A Bay Area native, Dan Greenberg is the co-founder & CEO of Sharethrough. Dan is a 2007 graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Economics. In 2008, he dropped out of a Stanford Masters program in Management Science and Engineering to work full time building Sharethrough. While an undergrad at Stanford, Greenberg studied persuasive technologies and later was the lead course assistant for the first-ever “Facebook Class” through the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, exploring how persuasion strategies and digital technology can be used to bring about positive behavior change.

Pete CabanAs CEO/Head of Digital since 2005, Pete has led the development of Mekanism into a fifty-plus team of writers, directors, designers, producers, technologists and social media influencers.

With breakthrough hits like the ‘True Adventures of Chad’, ‘Clearification of Demetri Martin’,, NOLAF.ORG,, and the Spring 2009 ‘Axe Fixers’ campaign, Mekanism has emerged into a powerful creative, production and syndication alternative to traditional agency, production and media solutions.

Pete is recognized as an innovator in digital platforms, having spent nearly ten years in creative, technical and business roles for the Flash and Shockwave product development teams at Macromedia, the creator of Flash.

Natasha Deganello Giraudie

Natasha believes in leveraging business for social and environmental invigoration.  She is CEO and founder of Micro-Documentaries LLC, a young for-benefit company of Stanford filmmakers that produce 1-minute micro-documentaries for organizations that are making a positive contribution in the world. Clients like Stanford, green technology companies like EnergyHub, nonprofits like the Second Harvest Food Bank and socially responsible businesses like Tea Collection are using their authentic and affordable micro-documentaries to connect in a more engaging way with their audience. Previously, as CEO and founder of Papilia, an online stewardship software company, she helped nonprofits like United Nations World Food Programme, KQED and ODC Dance raise millions of dollars by helping donors understand the difference their gifts make.  She started her career as a documentary filmmaker, in Venezuela, where she grew up and where she also began her philanthropic work with children’s organizations.

Scott Broomfield?I am the CEO of Veeple, a really cool, comprehensive, interactive online video solution! Veeple is a B2B, cloud-based solution that gets video online: simple and affordable.
Before Veeple, I was Managing Director of Sand Hill IT Security, a public company specializing in acquiring security companies. In 2005, I was the CEO of CALLIXA, an Enterprise Information Integration (EII) software company, which I sold to SAP in 2005. From 2001 through 2004, I led Visuale, a private Business Process Management (BPMS) software company. In April of 2004, I sold the business to Onyx Software Corporation. From 1998 through 2001, I led Centura Software Corporation (formerly Gupta), where I was recruited to re-build the business from a market cap of $6 million to over $700 million, and then the .COM bubble went bump in the night. What a ride that was. From 1989 through 1997, I was a principal with Hickey & Hill, Inc. a business re-engineering and turn around management firm. In this capacity, I held senior operational, financial and advisory positions.

chris2Chris Tew is the founder of an underground blog network including, a site which discusses the business, technology and fun side of online video and reaches nearly half a million readers monthly. He is location independent and spends much of his time travelling the world. Catch him during his brief visit to San Francisco before he moves on to warmer weather.

Julie Supan

Stanford Persuasive Online Video Class 2009 Speakers:

Julie Supan is Vice President of Marketing at Ning, where she is responsible for the global expansion of the Ning brand.

Prior to Ning, Julie was the first senior director of marketing at YouTube, which she joined in January 2006. During YouTube’s meteoric rise to its position as the world’s largest online video community, Julie served as the primary spokesperson for the company and oversaw all grassroots marketing, branding and public and entertainment relations. Julie was named Advertising Age 2006 “Entertainment Marketer of the Year” and BrandWeek 2006 “Marketer of the Year” for her brand leadership at YouTube.

Danny GreeneSince August 2007, Danny Greene has worked for Al Gore’s media company, Current, running a nationwide college outreach program, producing large-scale consumer marketing events and now integrating sponsors’ brands into online and television programming.

Ben Henretig

Ben Henretig is the founder of Micro-Documentaries LLC, a young team of Stanford filmmakers that shoot 1-minute, actionable documentaries for mission driven orgs and businesses to help them build support for their work. In 2008, Ben worked with BJ Fogg to develop and execute a highly effective video campaign for The Stanford Fund that increased donor participation 23%.  Ben continues research with Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab focusing on Persuasive Video, and has spoken to diverse audiences on topics ranging from best practices for video production to emerging trends in web video.

Justin Foster

I’m Justin Foster, Founder of the Video Commerce Consortium and co-founder of video commerce services provider Liveclicker Inc. For more info on me, please check out my LinkedIn profile. Please feel free to drop a line if you like. I’m at [justin [at] video-commerce [dot] [o r g].

Rahim Fazal

Rahim Fazal, CEO and Co-Founder of Involver, is a three-time entrepreneur. While still in high school, Rahim co-founded a web-hosting company and negotiated its sale for $1.5 million while taking his Senior Year final exams. He then started a web services platform business and eventually took it public, becoming one of the youngest directors ever of a publicly traded company in the United States.

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