A Better Place – Why is this Video Persuasive, or Not?

by Enrique Allen

The other night I randomly heard about Better Place, a global provider of electric vehicle (EV) networks and services. I’m excited about different forms of zero emission transportation like the Air Car and want to be an early adopter. So I go to the Better Place website via Google search and scroll down to see what I thought were 3 videos (turns out that one was a picture gallery link). I instinctively clicked “A day in the life with an EV” which took me to another page before I could see the video below:

Do you think the video was persuasive? Here’s my quick analysis pictured below:

As you can see my excitement of the video (and of the Better Place brand) decreases as the video goes on. In addition, after watching the video I’m left wondering what to do other than leave their site. I could go into more depth about this video but instead I decided to ask my social network what they thought. You’ll see a couple clear points that can improve this video below:

I will continue to share short case studies like this and feel free to submit video campaigns for review. You can reach me by commenting on this post or tweeting @enriqueallen.

Thank you,
Enrique Allen


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